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Animal well-being and livestock environmental hygiene are key factors in the successful management of all types of animal farming. Flies on animal farms cause stress, are a direct/indirect vehicle for pathogens and adversely affect animal productivity. Although difficult to quantify, it is estimated that the damage caused by this annoying Diptera to production ranges between 5 and 20%, depending on the degree of infestation*.

Knowing the risks and modus operandi is a necessary condition for dealing with the issue, with both integrated prevention techniques as well as direct control methods. The goal of this project is to ensure effective and safe solutions in flies control, from the larval to the adult stage, without however the well-being of the operator, the animals and the environment.

It is therefore proposed both larvicide and adulticide solutions.

For the complete control of the flies on farms we can integrate to the control with traditional products (larvicides and adulticidse) the use of ecological, efficient and clean tools (boards, ecological traps, glue rolls and strings).

Should you desire to intervene with broad spectrum of action products to complete the treatement, which are suitable to hit other target insects (crawling and flying), there is a wide range of choices: (Nuvacid® 7, Nuvacid 50®, Cipertran® 5 EC).

*Studies conducted by the technicians of the USDA (US Department of Agriculture).