Ethological integrated struggle




EFFECTIVE: thanks to the power of sex and food attractants it capture up to 40,000 flies.

ECOLOGICAL: control of flying insects without the use of harmful insecticides for the environment and people. 100% biodegradable content. It does not contain pesticides

PRACTICAL: disposable. Installation is simple, intuitive and fast.

VERSATILE: complies with all health conditions and therefore perfect for every place.

The attractant of this trap is inside of a soluble bag that dissolves when it comes into contact with water, thus activating the ECOTRAP® formula. The trap is effective in an estimated radius of 6 meters. It can last up to 6 months or until the trap is not full of flies. The trap is activated in 2-5 hours after the addition of water.


ECOTRAP® place outside near a typical environments frequented by flies: garbage dumps, compost, wet garbage, animal excrements, stables, gardens, etc ..
1. Cut the plastic of the trap following the dotted lines.
Pull the top cap until it comes out and stick a wire or cord (not included).
2. Add water up to the mark (the trap must always keep the water level indicated). Do not allow the trap to dry.
Place outside where there is a strong presence of flies.
3. When the trap is full of flies, close the cap. EXTERNAL USE. Throw in the trap in the garbage bin.
100% Biodegradable content.