Struggle to completion for the control of flies and insects




NUVACID® 7 is a ready to use insecticide suitable for a disinfestation of indoor and outdoor environments. Particularly suitable in empty warehouses and silos, factories, livestock farms, homes, kindergartens, schools, hospitals. New effective formula; broad spectrum of action; high killing effect; high knock-down and flushing effect.


Mites, flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes and crawling insects like beatles and cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, parasites of warehouses and foodstuffs (Plodia interpunctella, Tribolium confusum, etc.) and other insects of sanitary interest.


To ensure a uniform saturation of the environment it is recommended to apply the product by means of electric nebulisers with doors and windows closed. For a maximum effectiveness precede the insecticide treatment with accurate cleaning of environments subject to disinfestation.


Tetramethrin technique 92% gr 1,15 (10gr/lt) 
Piperonyl butoxide 90% gr 5,5 (47gr/lt) 


NUVACID® 7 is distributed with normal hand pumps or atomizers, hot or cold nebulizers ULV, electric vaporizers. 
With hand pumps or atomizers: dose of 1 liter per 100 m2 of surface to be treated. Taking care to evenly distribute the mixture obtained in the corners, crevices, cracks, at transit points of insects and on the surfaces where they usually settle. 
When used with low-volume nebulizers against moths, larvae of lepidopters and coleoptera: dose of 110-120 cc per 100 m3 of volume to be treated. 
Let the product work, keeping the local tightly closed. After 2 - 4 hr open and ventilate environments thoroughly.